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HaptiVisT – Development and evaluation of a haptic-visual learning system for surgical interventions

Performing complex operations on bone tissue while avoiding injuries to risk structures such as nerves or vessels is one of the most important activities of surgeons. In order to perform such operations safely and without errors, extensive theoretical and practical (in some cases in-service) training and further education as well as many years of experience are necessary.

In this project, a haptic-visual training system for surgical interventions on complex bone structures using clinical volume data (CT, MRI) will be realized, which is designed as a so-called “serious game” with immersive didactics. It is conceived as a “Serious Game” with immersive didactics and thus forms a synergetic supplement to existing training and continuing education possibilities on the animal model. It closes the gap between “practice on the patient” and realistic virtual interaction through a haptic and visual learning experience.

ReMIC, Prof. Dr. Christoph Palm