Research projects to support medicine and the health sector in the field of prevention

PsyBio – The influence of psychological stress on the locomotor system

Investigation of biomechanical and psychological factors influencing the development of degenerations and injuries of the musculoskeletal system

University Hospital Regensburg
Asklepios Clinic Bad Abbach
FIFA Medical Center Regensburg

Biomechanics, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dendorfer

Obstetrics 2.0 – Virtual human models to prevent birth injuries

A natural birth can lead to serious complications and long-term damage to the mother. There is a need for optimized measures to prevent injuries, for example to the sphincter muscle. The project aims to develop a virtual hand model for the analysis and optimization of a natural birth. The model can also be used in many other areas.

University Pilsen
Charles University Prag

Biomechanics, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dendorfer