Digital Health

Research projects to support medicine and the health sector in the field of digital health

MOVI – The virtualization of the electronic health card

Conception and prototypical realization of a mobile insured person’s identity on a smartphone to enable secure and practicable access of the insured to their health data.

eHealth, Prof. Dr. Georgios Raptis

Digitales Pflegekonsil – Inter-sectoral communication and data exchange between outpatient / (partially) inpatient geriatric care and family doctor / specialist

The project “Digitales Pflegekonsil” aims to network all relevant contact persons in the field of nursing care in order to improve the care of people in need of care. With the help of a tele-consult (nursing consil), nursing staff, general practitioners, specialists and, optionally, occupational physicians can work together better, more directly and faster than before, thus pooling their expertise for the benefit of their patients, increasing treatment efficiency and effectiveness. Part of this telemedical consultation is a “PflegeApp” (care application), which enables technically low-threshold “virtual home visits” and care in inpatient facilities or at home. Relatives also have access to this system. The position of caregivers, who are often the most important contacts for the doctor, is strengthened by care-initiated consultation and treatment paths; experts in occupational medicine can be consulted alongside general practitioners and specialists. The treatment and care of the patient is carried out and documented via a decentralized “digital nursing consultation file”, which has an innovative access system and can thus also be used elsewhere in the healthcare system, e.g. in the future in the telematics infrastructure.

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eHealth, Prof. Dr. Georgios Raptis