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Enrico De Pieri, Federica Atzori, Stephen J. Ferguson, Sebastian Dendorfer, Michael Leunig, Martin Aepli Contact force path in total hip arthroplasty: effect of cup medialisation in a whole-body simulation
Maximilian Aurbach, Jan Spicka, Franz Süß, Sebastian Dendorfer Evaluation of musculoskeletal modelling parameters of the shoulder complex during humeral abduction above 90°


Florian Völlner, Tim A. Weber, Markus Weber, Tobias Renkawitz, Sebastian Dendorfer, Joachim Grifka, Benjamin Craiovan A simple method for determining ligament stiffness during total knee arthroplasty in vivo
Sebastian Dendorfer, Benedikt Feldotto, Blasius Walch, Patrick Koch, Alois Knoll Co-Development of an Infant Prototype in Hardware and Simulation based on CT Imaging Data


Paul Schmitz, Christoph Cornelius Neumann, Carsten Neumann, Michael Nerlich, Sebastian Dendorfer Biomechanical analysis of iliac crest loading following cortico-cancellous bone harvesting
A. Benditz, Stefan Auer, J.F. Spörrer, S. Wolkerstorfer, Joachim Grifka, Franz Suess, Sebastian Dendorfer Regarding loads after spinal fusion, every level should be seen separately: a musculoskeletal analysis


Dominik Jungtäubl, Paul Schmitz, Simon Gross, Sebastian Dendorfer FEA of the transiliacal internal fixator as an osteosynthesis of pelvic ring fractures
Tim A. Weber, Sebastian Dendorfer, Sjoerd K. Bulstra, Joachim Grifka, Gijsbertus Jacob Verkerke, Tobias Renkawitz Gait six month and one-year after computer assisted Femur First THR vs. conventional THR. Results of a patient- and observer- blinded randomized controlled trial
Sebastian Dendorfer, Simone Kubowitsch, Franz Süß How to determine the effect of working conditions on the human body
Maximilian Aurbach, Kilian Wagner, Franz Süß, Sebastian Dendorfer Implementation and Validation of Human Kinematics Measured Using IMUs for Musculoskeletal Simulations by the Evaluation of Joint Reaction Forces


Michael Putzer, Stefan Auer, William Malpica, Franz Suess, Sebastian Dendorfer A numerical study to determine the effect of ligament stiffness on kinematics of the lumbar spine during flexion
Tobias Renkawitz, Tim A. Weber, Silvia Dullien, Michael Woerner, Sebastian Dendorfer, Joachim Grifka, Markus Weber Leg length and offset differences above 5 mm after total hip arthroplasty are associated with altered gait kinematics
Thomas Hölscher, Tim A. Weber, Igor Lazarev, Carsten Englert, Sebastian Dendorfer The influence of rotator cuff tears on glenohumeral stability during abduction tasks


Tim A. Weber, Sebastian Dendorfer, Joachim Grifka, Gijsbertus Jacob Verkerke, Tobias Renkawitz Does Computer-Assisted Femur First THR Improve Musculoskeletal Loading Conditions?
I.A. Lazarev, P.V. Ryabokon, M. Haller, Sebastian Dendorfer Effect of the fractured calcaneus’s peripheral fragment displacement on the triceps surae function
Tobias Renkawitz, Markus Weber, H.-R. Springorum, E. Sendtner, Michael Woerner, K. Ulm, T. Weber, Joachim Grifka Impingement-free range of motion, cup coverage and early clinical results between femur first navigation and conventional total hip arthroplasty: a randomised controlled trial
Michael Putzer, Ingo Ehrlich, John Rasmussen, Norbert Gebbeken, Sebastian Dendorfer Sensitivity of lumbar spine loading to anatomical parameters
Markus Weber, Tim A. Weber, Michael Woerner, Benjamin Craiovan, Michael Worlicek, Sebastian Winkler, Joachim Grifka, Tobias Renkawitz The impact of standard combined anteversion definitions on gait and clinical outcome within one year after total hip arthroplasty
Dominika Ignasiak, Sebastian Dendorfer, Stephen J. Ferguson Thoracolumbar spine model with articulated ribcage for the prediction of dynamic spinal loading


T. Weber, A.A. Al-Munajjed, Gijsbertus Jacob Verkerke, Sebastian Dendorfer, Tobias Renkawitz Influence of minimally invasive total hip replacement on hip reaction forces and their orientations
Sebastian Dendorfer, T. Weber, O. Kennedy Musculoskeletal modeling for hip replacement outcome analyses and other applications
R. Penzkofer, K. Barnsteiner, Sebastian Dendorfer The influence of age, shoe type and kicking direction on the severity of head trauma


J. Zellner, K. Hierl, M. Mueller, Christian Pfeifer, Arne Berner, T. Dienstknecht, W. Krutsch, S. Geis, Sebastian Gehmert, R. Kujat, Sebastian Dendorfer, Lukas Prantl, Michael Nerlich, P. Angele Stem cell-based tissue-engineering for treatment of meniscal tears in the avascular zone


Christian Pfeifer, Michael Müller, Lukas Prantl, Arne Berner, Sebastian Dendorfer, Carsten Englert Cartilage labelling for mechanical testing in T-peel configuration
Andreas Lenich, S. Bachmeier, Sebastian Dendorfer, E. Mayr, Michael Nerlich, B. Füchtmeier Development of a test system to analyze different hip fracture osteosyntheses under simulated walking
Tim A. Weber, Sebastian Dendorfer, Silvia Dullien, Joachim Grifka, Gijsbertus Jacob Verkerke, Tobias Renkawitz Measuring functional outcome after total hip replacement with subject-specific hip joint loading
Tobias Renkawitz, Sebastian Dendorfer Orthopedic navigation technology and biomechanical evaluation for total hip replacement


Sebastian Dendorfer, Joachim Hammer, Andreas Lenich Characterisation and testing of biomaterials
J.C. Roldán, A. Moralis, Sebastian Dendorfer, J. Witte, C. Reicheneder Controlled central advancement of the midface after Le Fort III osteotomy by a 3-point skeletal anchorage
Christian Wong, John Rasmussen, Erik B. Simonsen, Lone Hansen, Mark de Zee, Sebastian Dendorfer The Influence of Muscle Forces on the Stress Distribution in the Lumbar Spine


Sebastian Dendorfer, Joachim Hammer, Andreas Lenich Characterisation and testing of biomaterials


Sebastian Dendorfer, Hans Jürgen Maier, Josef Hammer Fatigue damage in cancellous bone: an experimental approach from continuum to micro scale


Sebastian Dendorfer, Hans Jürgen Maier, David Taylor, Joachim Hammer Anisotropy of the fatigue behaviour of cancellous bone
Sebastian Dendorfer, Hans Jürgen Maier, Josef Hammer How do age and anisotropy affect the fatigue behaviour of cancellous bone?
Joachim Hammer, , Joachim Hammer(Ed.), , Michael Nerlich, , Michael Nerlich(Ed.), , Sebastian Dendorfer, , Sebastian Dendorfer(Ed.) Medicine Meets Engineering: Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Applied Biomechanics Regensburg


Carsten Englert, P. Angele, J. Fierlbeck, Sebastian Dendorfer, T. Schubert, R. Müller, S. Lienhard, J. Zellner, Michael Nerlich, Carsten Neumann Conductive bone substitute material with variable antibiotic delivery
M. Hoenicka, K. Lehle, V. R. Jacobs, Sebastian Dendorfer, A. Kostorz, F. X. Schmid, D. E. Birnbaum Mechanical and seeding properties of human umbilical vein – a potential scaffold for a tissue-engineered vessel graft